Policies: Business Policies

I want you to be familiar with policies/procedures so that things can run smoothly between us. Please read these very carefully so that there are no misunderstandings later on.

The procedures, practices, policies and benefits described here may be modified or discontinued from time to time. We will try to inform you of any changes as they occur.


As a client of Market Like A Nerd LLC, Amanda Goldman-Petri is your main point of contact. From time to time, Amanda may assign a different point of contact in the event of her absence or if your question is billing related (Amanda hates handling billing questions)! If you receive communications from Quay Hayden, he is my Financial & Administrative Assistant, so don’t be alarmed.


The primary method of contact with Amanda is via your secret Facebook Group (if you are a private client) or your closed Facebook Group (if you are a member of a group coaching program). Amanda checks all Facebook Groups once per day. If you must send something personal to Amanda through email or Facebook Messenger, please understand that she does not check her email or messages frequently and there will be a delay in response. The fastest way to get a response is by posting in your group.

Amanda fully admits in advance that she is bad at communicating via Skype and Text. Therefore, we do not utilize those methods of contact inMarket Like A Nerd LLC. Should you use those methods of contact, we do not guarantee a response.

Amanda does not accept unscheduled phone calls (she screens calls like a biotch!). Therefore, if you are a private coaching client, please use her scheduling calendar to schedule your call. If you are not a private or VIP client, please purchase a Discovery Session with Amanda to access her calendar or complete an application for one of our programs to talk to our team at no cost.


When you respond to Amanda, you will typically receive a response within 24 hours. Again, Amanda checks both Facebook Groups and her email once per day.

Responses are not guaranteed during non-office hours. Continue reading for information on when our office hours are.

Responses may be delayed in the event of vacations, holidays, or emergencies. Amanda will do her best to make you aware of these delays in advance.