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  • Sage Levine

  • $100K

    in revenue

  • $700

    in adspend

  • 2 months

    Facebook Ads

  • Brand Book

  • 120k

    in revenue

  • $4,500

    ad spend

  • 3 Weeks

    Make book brand one-one consutation

  • living proof institute

  • 350k

    in revenue

  • $3,000

    ad spend

  • 4 Week

    campaign-live webinars to one-on-one consulting

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Jasmine Judson

“I Made $295K in 30 Days!”
“Amanda has an innate ability to help you realize what resources are already available to you in your business and then expand on those opportunities. I will admit that I had NO IDEA that my cash injection campaign would be so successful (I made 6 $7500 sales and 1 $250,000 sale in 30 days!). I was intimidated as I was very new to this world and had never offered something so expensive before. However, with Amanda’s guidance and encouragement, I was able to think more creatively about what services I could offer, and what my time and energy were TRULY worth. I’m not sure where you are going in your business, but I can promise you that Amanda is full of amazing ideas to help you get to where you want to be. Just take the leap of faith and commit to yourself and your worth, and you are halfway there….she will help with the rest! “

- Jasmine Judson , Yoga Instructor, Hawaii

Angela Anderson

“I started working with them because I simply do not have the time to do everything in my business and was excited about the volume of PR that Fame For Good presented to me in their package. So far, working with them has been a positive experience – it seems that the PR efforts are turning into a variety of speaking and writing opportunities. The team is professional, easy to work with, and quick to respond.”

- Angela Anderson

Joshua Lisec

Jodi and her team will make your back end look incredibly sexy — she did for mine. When I was facing the next several weeks’ worth of evenings and weekends reserved for figuring out my email autoresponder’s services automation software, Jodi and her team captured exactly what I wanted the email software to do but had no idea how to do it myself.

Jodi was always remarkably professional, responsive, and helpful — when I ran my very first webinar, I had Jodi and team working practically ’round the clock behind the scenes so that all I had to worry about was creating my webinar presentation and then delivering it.

Since then, I’ve received emails from people who watched and LOVED what the saw — no way I would have been able to pull that off without Jodi’s work behind the scenes.

Perhaps the awesomest aspect of Jodi’s VA role was that I was made financially accountable to another professional who was counting on me to be insanely productive and actually pull off great work — the emails, ads, and copy I had to crank out are connecting with my audience, so now I know that the next step for me is to tweak my targeting and execute, knowing that Jodi created a system behind the scenes for me to build (and scale) a real business. Thanks Jodi!

- Joshua Lisec , Creator of "Become the Go-To Freelancer" & Founder of Beyond Freelance

Melissa Smith

Jodi was such a pleasure to work with. I was fortunate enough to have had a conversation with her about the services she provides before I needed anything done. When my client needed the kind of services Jodi offers I knew exactly who to call. She impressed me with her professional, attention to detail, and willingness to get the job done in time for a relaunch. We were depending on Jodi and her team and they delivered. I’m happy to recommend Jodi for all your back end needs and look forward to the opportunity to work with her again.

- Melissa Smith , The PVA

Lisa Middlecamp-Lowder

I have enjoyed working with Jodi for my website & email needs. She knows her stuff! Jodi worked to satisfy specifically what I hoped to accomplish, even though at times I wasn’t exactly sure how to put that into words.

- Lisa Middlecamp-Lowder , Thrive For Real

Amunet Burgueno

I came to her when I need a lot of work done very quickly. There were a lot of moving pieces that needed to be put into place. Jodi and her team jumped right in for me and got so much done when I needed it the most. I can’t recommend her highly enough. She’s really amazing and her team is great!

- Amunet Burgueno , Confident Spiritual Entrepreneur

Reimar V.

Jodi at Uni-Virtual Assistant is an excellent virtual employee – careful, conscientious, efficient, and very knowledgeable of the Infusionsoft CRM system. She is highly recommended, and we will use her again

- Reimar V. , Language Fusion

Tai Bruton

The first time I spoke with Jodi, I knew she would be a great fit. She was very personable and knowledgeable. She caught on quickly to our Help Desk system and literally took a load off my plate so I could concentrate on other things. She does what she has to get the tasks done in a timely manner. Jodi has been a great addition to our virtual team.

- Tai Bruton , Jay Morrison Academy

Stephanie H. Luongo – Home to Manage a Small Law Firm

“Working in a company that grows 20% each quarter often means that new projects are always emerging, ideas change quickly, and deadlines are fast approaching! Amanda’s team is always well-equipped to help us get a project done, and they consistently deliver great work (even on VERY short notice). Most importantly, it’s always a great experience working with Amanda because I know she cares about the work she provides. Whether it’s copy writing or design, her team only submits work that meets or exceeds Amanda’s own expectations of excellence.”

- Stephanie H. Luongo

Roberto Salazar

Amanda is a talented marketer who understands how to integrate the needs of a company allowing the management staff to reduce expenses in full time employess and utilize those resources in more effective ways to reach out new potential consumers. Amanda has a high work ethic that very few people possess. Her energetic personality makes her a perfect fit for any company. I highly recommend her

- Roberto Salazar , Vision 7 Advertising

Genienne Samuels

“I’ve taken on a lot of new initiatives over the past year to turn my business into a year-round money generating operation rather than a seasonal hobby. Having the support and technical “know how” of The Best Damn Biz Team has really help me not only meet my business goals but exceed them! For example, I recently launched a 3-month coaching program that required technical assistance for a webinar, opt-in pages, and email campaigns. My goal was to enroll 10 clients into the program. Because of the professional yet upbeat look and feel of my marketing materials, videos, landing pages, etc. (that were created by The Best Damn Biz Team), 55 people attended the webinar, 36 people applied for my program and 20 people said YES! This is a 233% increase in program participants from last year… when I launched my program solo.”

- Genienne Samuels , Sideline Prep

Justin Jones

I get bossed around by women I have never met and love every minute of it. I make purchases and just like my wife they jump all over me about spending too much. Then when I pay their bills I use bank accounts that dont have enough funds. But, they get the job done. I started working with Amanda and her team about 6 months ago. I have been extremely happy with social media content and newsletter they have created. Amanda’s team is very professional and I would recommend them for Social, CRM and Strategy.

- Justin Jones , Contrepreneur Coach + Sales Strategist

Mara Glazer

Amanda ROCKS! She began working on my team as an intern when thebizzybuzz was still in its growth phase (a time when I was just itchin’ for reliable help)! Her passion for learning and helping me succeed was a breath of fresh air! I am so proud that she has taken what she learned from working at thebizzybuzz to help other business owners in a bigger and better way. She is my go-to virtual assistant because she is reliable trustworthy, delivers excellent work, and someone I know who has my back. I am so glad that with Amanda I have a support system I am glad I can call on when I need help fast, plus added bonus: she’s a kick ass chick to know!

- Mara Glazer , Tough Love Business Coach

Ready For Results Like This? Let Us Work Our
Wonders On Your Marketing:



BAM! Check Out That Return On Investment!

Read about the money our clients have generated from our work together.


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Jodi Sodini

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Ready For Results Like This? Let Us Work Our
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